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Sunday 3/29/2015

The Elite 8 is here!!! RCS will have your winners throughout the weekend...There's never been a better time to jump and board and win today with RCS!



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If you are looking for a service that treats their customers with respect, is ultra-focused on customer service and wins a lot of games, then River City Sharps is YOUR SERVICE! Why don't you give us a shot today and start winning with the Sharps!

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That’s right, the site is FREE! Simply click on the “Register” button and you will have access to our site, including our daily Free Plays and the WagerSim technology!

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If you are a client and on a long-term package, when the game is released by the Sharps, you have immediate access via the website and will receive instant email confirmation of the play!

As always, River City Sharps wants to thank you for your continued support of what we do. We have always tried to operate “above the fray” and give our clients the very best value for their money, because that’s what we would expect in the marketplace. We will always treat you with respect and know that operate on the constant goal of making our clients more profitable!

If you have a special request for a certain package or have any additional questions for the Sharps, simply email us at rivercitysharps@gmail.com

The Sharps System

RCSS makes plays using a Star/Unit system. Our normal plays range between 1-4 Units per play, which is the “Risk” amount per wager. We do not recommend that ANY WAGER is over 5% of your total bankroll, so you can adjust your amounts based on those recommendations. We tend to have most plays as 2-3 Unit plays. We believe 1 Unit plays are more “leans”, but something that we still think is worth a small wager. 4 Unit plays are pretty rare and you will usually see 1-2 of those per week. These are known as DIAMOND PLAYS. We don’t like to force plays for the sake of “getting action”…this is about sound money management principles and reducing risk as much as possible.

Our Plays Are Monitored

Monitored results are imperative to judge the long-term success of any professional sports handicapping service. River City Sharps have partnered with Handicappers Watchdog, an independent monitoring service, to monitor our plays for the 2013-14 season. For an up-to-date, complete listing of our results by sport, please Click Here to go to our profile page at Handicappers Watchdog.


CapperTek Verified Sports Handicapping Service

Verified by CapperTek on 6-30-2014

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